With his long distance race out of the way, Shani Davis is now shifting gears for his specialty: speed.

After a brief morning workout at the Oval to get his legs ready for sprinting, Shani is looking forward to Monday’s 500m race. As with the 5000m, Shani is treating his 500 race as more preparation for his specialty, the 1000m: “I feel fast, which is good considering I just did a 5000. I’m using [The 500] for preparation…Everyday i’m learning something new…I don’t want to get too comfortable…just focus and execute my plan… my goal is to get a good 400 meter lap in advance of my 1000…I’m not concerned about the final result.”

Shani spent Saturday night relaxing and watching the Short Track competition, in which two of his some-time training partners, Apolo Ohno and J.R. Celski, each won Olympic medals.

“I feel good, I feel strong.”