Veghel, 15 October – Actemium will again sponsor American top speed skater Shani Davis this season. “Shani and Actemium have much in common,” Director Jos Boers of the Actemium network observed. “Ambition and perseverance are shared characteristics.” Actemium is sponsoring Davis under the motto ‘Sharing success!’
Actemium sponsored the leader of the global ranking list for long track speed skating, the “Adelskalender”, for the first time during the last skating season. During the coming season, Davis will compete in the international ISU world cup events and the Olympic Games, which includes defending his title as reigning Olympic champion in the 1,000 metres.

Davis is pleased that Actemium is supporting him again. “For me, a stringent training regiment is the main ingredient that makes it possible to achieve my goals. However, along with my training another ingredient would be the support from my coaches, mentors, family and friends. Not only is Actemium a sponsor, Actemium has become like my family.  So when I achieve my goals this season, my family can also be proud to be a significant part of those achievements. That is what ‘sharing success!’ means to me.”

 “The pleasure is entirely mutual,” Boers declared. “Actemium is a network of independent companies operating in the field of technical services in industry. In Shani, we recognise the characteristic of cooperation while remaining autonomous that also applies to us. Although skating is an individual sport, Shani also has the talent to work with others. This fits in with our philosophy and our motto ‘Sharing success!’ By sponsoring Shani, we are showing who we are and what our objectives are: we are competitive, fight for the highest ranking and always aim for improvement, but real success results from the strength of good partnership.”

About Actemium
Actemium is VINCI Energies’ European brand for industrial solutions. Its some one hundred autonomous business units apply market-oriented solutions, while specialising in electrical engineering, industrial automation and data processing, instrumentation and mechanical engineering.

The geographic spread of our business units guarantees our clients local representation, while the dynamic Actemium business units also share their individual knowledge and resources to provide the best possible solution for the optimum operation of industrial processes.